Why use a broker

Why use a broker

Hello, my name is Cees Cuijpers, I am Managing Partner of Town & Country Property. Town & Country Property. It is one of the leading brokers on the eastern seaboard of Thailand. We are based in Pattaya and I've been in business here in Thailand since 1997.

You can consider a real estate broker as your insurance for your car or motorbike. We cover basically everything you need when you are looking to invest in a property. Wether it is a property for your own private use or an investment. The broker specialises in a market segment in our case, Pattaya, and is totally focused on every property which is available on the market wether it's a condo, a house, or a partial of land, or even commercial properties.

As a broker we understand the market very well. We know the preferred locations, we know where your children can go to school. We are your adviser, your middle man. Basically what we do is any enquiry, every client that we have we will match them with the property of his or her interests.

We also know the good deals on the market; for example when someone needs to sell quickly. Another thing is that if you are talking about a brand new property; for example an off plan condo .The project seller might tell you that the best two bedrooms units are already taken. But if you work with the broker, the broker might have some resales available, the best floor with the best view and possibly at the best price.

So my advice is whenever you consider to invest in a property here in Thailand, specifically in Pattaya city. Please come and have a chat with us, it would be our pleasure to help, thank you.

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