Town & Country Dream-Team

KC | Director

All round entrepreneur with a history in hospitality and logistics started his Thailand career in 1997. Heading the company with a sheer passion as driven by: Teamwork, results and achievements. Known for his networking and weak-spot for children-charities. KC’s cooking aspirations on display every Sunday at home. +66(0)86 666 7238

MARK | General Manager

Mark Quinn, Oxford born property-enthusiast, runs the daily management of Town & Country. As a graduated Building Surveyor from the Nottingham Trent University, Mark has what it takes when it comes to his honest opinion when asked.
Many years of on-site experience.
Mark is an early-bird type of person; does Thai boxing for fun; a dog-lover and a passionate admirer of efficiency. +66(0)83 110 6795

AEY | Property consultant

Always smiling Miss Aey works in the property industry since many years. Charming as can be this clever woman from Udonthani is thoughtful and very helpful. Positive thinker and easy going yet determined to reach her goals. +66(0)86 979 3350

SAAM | Sales & Marketing executive

The best karaoke singer on our staff parties: Miss Urairat (Khun Saam). Talented student and fast learner. Very good and helpful to create your on-line property listings and keep them up to date. Welcoming and fashionable personality.

DAENG | Administrative Assistant

Lovely smile and always helpful ‘our’ Daeng which means “red” in Thai. She loves queuing at the bank and post-office – NOT. Surprisingly fast on her motorbike cruising all over Pattaya!

HERMAN | Director

With only 40+ years of experience in real estate worldwide, Belgium Herman is still a freshman at T&C. Buddy of KC and a disturbing energy to do the right thing. Questions or advice? Ask Herman. +66(0)81 745 9053

KAE | Property consultant

Ms. Natthanan Promprai (KAE):

Pattaya resident and fitness enthusiast, she is always on the go. With many years experience in Pattaya Real Estate she is a good source of knowledge for the best solutions to our customer needs. +66(0)81 664 6056

NOK | Sales & Marketing Executive

Thai for “Bird”. Arrived from a bounty island now in charge with the upkeep of our property portfolio. Organizer by heart and excellent team worker.

JEAB | Accountant

Never a dull moment with Jeab! This friendly – fun loving - facts & figures’ woman loves traveling and music. We heard that she sings as well. But only in the bathroom…