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Online Land Measurement

Free online land measurement Thai-Matric

In Thailand, property-area is often shown in the local measurements;
usually the "Wah" and the "Rai".

The following schedule gives an approximate conversion; from metric to imperial measurement.

1 Talang Wah = 4 Sqm. =
40 Sq Ft
1 Ngan = 400 Sqm. =
4.000 Sq Ft
1 Rai = 1.600 Sqm. =
17.222 Sq Ft
2.5 Rai = 1 Acre =
40.000 Sq Ft


Land Measurement Converter!

You may also calculate the desired conversion by yourself.

Please fill in the area size that you want to calculate:
Area size:
Conversion type:
Rai to Square Meter
Rai to Square Feet
Rai to Talang Wah
Square Meter to Rai
Square Feet to Rai
Talang Wah to Rai

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