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Green Goes Orange

July 3, 2018


The Green Initiative by NEW NORDIC GROUP

Project Development Manager, Gaurav Hinduja

1. Please tell us about yourself and your role in New Nordic.

I have strong business development & financial capabilities from a management executive position in a multinational company, where I established a robust business network for the company in more than ten countries across Asia, Middle East, East Africa and West Africa. Possessing extensive experience in development of mega budget projects (conceptualization to commissioning) for government, quassi-government and private clients across the globe.My role in New Nordic is to identify potential project opportunities, assess land areas and conduct feasibility analyses to check the viability of projects. I develop the concept and detailed project plans according to the visionary strategy. I plan the initial project site activities in accordance to the legal regulations in the respective region of operations. I manage the projects from the conceptual stage to the final commissioning of all the project activities. The team has also developed a strong supplier & partner network for the company to aid in bagging mega projects across the globe.

2. What is Green Goes Orange?

Green goes Orange is an initiative implemented in New Nordic Strategy in 2017, enabling us to have a great focus on sustainable development and making the Orange Company Greener (in all ways except for the color!). Our divisions are focusing on good solutions for the company, our customers, and guests, as well as the environment!

3. Why is Green Goes Orange important to you and in your work at New Nordic? 

New Nordic's core values make us STRONG and sustainable, here to STAY! The main objective of Green Goes Orange is to promote sustainability throughout all departments within the organization. In today’s world it is crucial to evaluate and improve current business activities and reduce the carbon footprint across the organization.

4. What are you plans for the green initiative in your department?

LEED is a worldwide acknowledged rating Green Building rating system to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and to ensure a more sustainable design. The market value of LEED certified buildings is on an average 8-10% higher when compared to non-LEED certified buildings. This is a great focus to implement in our future development.

It is also a fact that conventional energy is limited and to power today’s world one needs imaginative and groundbreaking solutions. New Nordic has the competence to provide solutions for every challenge under the sun.

As we speak we are finalizing our Solar Test System, a state of the art Government Grid Connected 10 kw Solar Rooftop System. Once installed it will help New Nordic reduce the overall carbon footprint.

In addition, New Nordic provides tailor made solutions for installation of micro grids. These types of grids are integrated energy system networks consisting of generation sources such as solar, wind, fossil fuels and bio-waste.

 5. Any future goals regarding the same?

New Nordic is aiming to implement various sustainable initiatives such as micro grids within its own developments around the world. The green initiative is here to stay!

Kurt Svendheim BIO "Personal & up-close":

One of the most humble personalities you have ever met KURT SVENDHEIM: CEO and visionary mastermind behind the New Nordic Group this friendly viking. During my professional career in Norway, I spent several years working for "Thon Gruppen" owned and run by one of the most successful business people in Norway: Olav Thon. I was in charge of one of his newest and fastest growing shopping malls, Oasen Storsenter, in the city of Haugesund. We were in many meetings with Olav Thon, and I learned many good techniques from his organization that I have later applied to my own ventures. One of them was his take on how to manage change within the organization.

Thon taught us that leading a big business was like steering a ship, and that it would have to be managed accordingly. If we ever made the mistake to handle it like a small boat, and change course as the wind changed without prior notice, consideration and care the affect to the business would be harmful at best. In a business with many departments, divisions and teams every change will have to be applied slowly and with the necessary care because the ship would only change direction if the whole crew worked according to the same agreement.

 In the fast pace world we live in today, however, any business has to have the infrastructure to be able to adapt and adjust to changes, needs and ideas on a short notice. What before was managed around yearly plans and quarterly reports have today been changed for weekly meetings and daily communication with from top to bottom within the organization. It further has to nurture a culture where the teams and management are open and willing to quickly learn, apply and adjust to such changes. 

 In our orange group of business we have therefore tried to integrate the traditional way of "steering the ship" with today's need for flexibility and rapid adjustments. In our group every business knows the terminology "step-by-step". It means that in anything we do, we try to hustle slowly.

Kurt is based in Hong Kong together with his wife.

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