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I believe I can fly!

August 16st, 2017

Infrastructure is all.
The driving-force of growth and prosperity.
Pattaya has its own airport: U-Tapao.
Just some 35 kilometers south from Pattaya you will find the airport (near Rayong).
International airport that is with current flights not only to domestic destinations like direct flights to: Samui; Chiang Mai; Phuket; Hat Yai and Udon Thani but also International destinations like: Macao; Nanchang (China); Sanya (China); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Irkutsk (Russia).

U-Tapao currently serves 800,000 arrivals per year with an expected growth to 3 Million per year.
A 620 Million investment has taken shape in the second terminal that (soft-) opened 1st quarter of 2017.
This is the start of a 3-year first-phase development. Thai government will boost the capacity further up to 15 Million people in the second phase. 30 million in 10 years and 60 million on 15 years.
There will be air-freight services including warehousing of high-tech products, an aircraft-repair facility, and a training center for aviation personnel.
U-Tapao will drive towards establishing an aviation hub in the Eastern region with 6,500 rai (1,040 hectares) of land and the first special economic zone in the EEC.
Thailand’s master plan consists of 5 mega-projects that will also include a double-track railway.
U-tapao will be as large as Suvarnabhumi Airport, which could attract more tourists.
Projected plans of the state railway are that high-speed railways seamlessly link the three Thai airports.
Such high-speed train will take no more than 45 minutes for a trip from Bangkok to U-Tapao airport, which will help push it towards becoming the aviation hub in the Eastern region.
Not only the Board of Investment (BOI) is naturally delighted with the expansion plans and expects an important boost for an already thriving local economy. Multinational companies such as GE, Chromalloy and Triumph, who are connected to the aviation industry, have already made significant investments in Thailand, particularly on the Eastern Seaboard. Obviously they look to take advantage of the country’s highly skilled, ancillary industries.
“The expansion of the U-Tapao International Airport for commercial traffic and for maintenance and repair operations will further enhance our already strong offering in the aerospace sector”, according to Korbsiri Iamsuri, Director of Thailand Board of Investment in North America.
It is not just the BOI who are delighted with the expansion of the airport, real estate developers, investors and most businesses in Pattaya will rubbing their hands with glee.
Pattaya city will rise in its reputation as destination of choice for many. An increase in (expat-) residents coupled with an increase in tourists only spells a bright future for the city and gives it a firm foundation on which in can grow still further.
The city is booming and it seems that everyone wants to be a part of it, something that can only be good for Pattaya and indeed the rest of Thailand.
The housing and condo market will further expand hand in hand with further ‘commercial growth’ like top-class shopping malls; school and hospitals, medical centers.
All and all, our team of property-experts at RE/MAX Town & Country Pattaya is excited of the foreseeable future of Pattaya city.
Growth is good for consumers. Buyers of real estate in emerging markets like the property market in Pattaya benefit from: Better quality, wider choices and more interesting prices.
That’s a win-win situation for everyone!

As one of Pattaya’s leading realtors our management has been active for some 20 years in and around Pattaya city. If you want to meet for some advice or suggestions; why don’t you talk with us?
We will always have time for you! Come and visit us! (MAP)

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