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The Road to success. Good guys can finish first...CEO Kurt Svendheim!

August 25, 2018


Kurt Svendheim’s extraordinary life of overachievement began in a small town of 1200 people in Norway, 120 miles from the closest city, 400 miles from Oslo. It was an uninspiring place ranging from 5 hours daylight a day to 19 hours a day depending on the season, with 3 months of 60 degrees temperatures and 9 months where it was between cold and freezing. The wet season (rain / snow) was 8 months a year although average rainfall is between 1 and 4 inches every day. A very hard place to become really motivated in your early life.

At 19, Kurt bought a very run down mountain lodge and over a period of years renovated it and built 10 extra cabins. He organized hunting and fishing trips and in 4 years not only owned the lodge, but also the skiing and everything else on the mountain. Seven years later he decided to move on with his real estate adventures. This set his credo of buying rundown buildings and doing them up. Kurt then learned the ropes working for a big real estate holder in Norway before buying 6 city buildings in a town in Norway, renovating one, selling it and then renovating the next. It was now time to spread his wings. He began replicating this process in Brasil, Bulgaria, Turkey and Norway. 

 Just over 20 years later, Kurt visited Thailand. He fell in love with the lifestyle, the people and the beauty of the country. More importantly, he saw the incredible resources and potential of the region. The Nordic Group in Pattaya asked Kurt to be an agent for them as they were experiencing difficulties in their business.  

Within a year Kurt bought this company containing of 18 buildings from them and changed the name to New Nordic Group. Advance just 9 years and Kurt has expanded those 18 buildings to 60 in the same area, consisting of hotels, condos, 100 shops, restaurants, multiple swimming pools and a supermarket, all close to pristine beaches. In total, Kurt has developed 219 buildings, comprising 9820 apartments ranging in size from 30 square meters to 230 square meters, with 100 in construction. His developments span over 10 cities in Asia and he is now developing properties in Africa. 

Incredibly, all debt free. 

So, who is this guy?  Early 50’s, tall, thin, quiet, confident, visionary, an empathetic person who is a very dedicated family man and fully committed to his 2000 plus staff. They reciprocate that dedication to him. He is surrounded by a highly skilled diversified management team that speak many languages. Kurt travels to all his existing and potential new properties every week. He has all the trappings of success, homes, cars, yachts yet is totally grounded. He is not afraid to grab opportunities, but really does his homework first. 

For example, before beginning development in Africa, he selects his preferred locations after solid research and then puts a team of 6 to 8 locals and his people on the ground for a year before commencing the project. Nothing is left to chance. 

From here, Kurt is looking to develop in tropical areas worldwide with more locations in current areas, expansion into Africa and central America.  Kurt now has new mega projects in Asia. One is 89 hectare with in excess of 5,000 units and a valuation of USD 1 billion. Another development is 200 hectare with in excess of 7.000 units and a value USD 1,5 billion… and still debt free.  Kurt Svendheim has the midas touch. 

From a 19 year old buying a small run down lodge in Norway, to serving 50,000 breakfasts a month, 219 buildings, owning 6 travel agencies to generate hotel guests and doing it with no debt just 35 years later is a serious success story… and a wonderful opportunity for investors. 

Kurt is testament to the fact that really genuinely nice guys can finish first.

Want to learn more in how to become part of the successful Kurt Svendheim's business ventures? It is much easier than you think! Contact us: RE/MAX Town & Country THAILAND –

Bob Pritchard: Business Consultant, Global Business Radio Host, Sought after Speaker

Tuesday 21st August 2018.

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