Investing in Thailand

Investing in Thailand

Hello, my name is Cees Cuijpers, I am from Holland and I'm Managing director of Town & Country Property, one of the leading real estate brokers in Pattaya, Thailand. Our company has been based in Thailand for quite a long time. I have been in business since 1997. A permanent residence of Thailand in Pattaya city. I know this city very well. Of course I have to, because I'm a broker. Living in Thailand is a niche which is very difficult to find for me back in Europe. I travelled the world and first time when I came to Thailand I fell in love with it, it's not just the climate , friendly people, safe environment, but it's the life style in general and that's the reason why I started my business here in Thailand. And soon it turned out over investments made are very good investments and obviously I'm looking at properties. Properties well built, nice designs, good quality, are relatively only a fraction of what you would normally pay in your own home country.

With the growth of Thailand, with the growth of Pattaya city as such because it's a very popular tourist destination. Your pattaya property investment multiplies in value. I can't read tomorrow's newspaper, but if I look back over the shoulders a lot of properties just over the last 5 years doubled in value. If you use an experience broker to purchase and select a property that will suit you wether it's a condo or a house, you'll probably end up with a very good purchase. And a very good purchase, the right property, and its right location, those are the properties that are making money in the future and we're talking about capital growth.

If you ever decide to sell a property which is in a preferred location normally you would never really have to wait for a long time before that property is sold.

Now if you would consider, just like me to invest in a property, in a life style, in living in Thailand. Please let me know we will sit down and I will help you to make the right choice, thank you.

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